before 1444

 1444-We were traded from the gold coast by Europeans x our own African brothers. 
This trade has changed our world and reshaped our thoughts. Living by European standards throughout the African diaspora we have forgotten what makes our culture powerful,
 rich and unique. Here we strive for riches and neglect our families, 
we smile upon others while wishing for their demise, 
all things associated with the mind frame of those who began this trade.

GOLD COAST TRADING est une marque que j'ai découvert grâce au blog Chez Pris. En plus d'une esthétique forte, j'ai tout de suite accrochée au concepet qui se rapproche de ma conception de la diaspora noire en tant que descendante d'esclaves (Antilles). 
Je n'ai pas pu m'empêcher de commander le "Tropical in Systems" tshirt.