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Cee a dit…

I love your blog!
I wanted to know what is your hair regime? What products do you use?


hey ! thanks for the support =)

my hair regiment: once a week:
_ prepoo (with oils, honey, avocado, hair mayonaise by organics)
_i wash and condition my hair with GARNIER ULTRA DOUX shampoo&conditionner, sometimes i co-wash every 2 weeks (in winter)
_i section my hair in 10 parts detangle with Vatika oil mix with a leave in and do big braids
_when its dry i twist/braid (little) my hair with jamaican castor oil (carapate) and im good to go ! i usually do BA twist/braid out 2 or 3 days later

dailly i spray my hair with water/jojoba oil/GARNIER ULTRA DOUX leave in, and add a little bit of shea butter cream

my favorite products are:
_jamaican black castor oil: its a wonderful mosturizer and my hair loves it
_vatika oil
_carol's daughter black vanilla leave in spray
_hair mayonnaise by organic root stimulator
_of course shea butter !

hope it helps a little

Anonyme a dit…

thank you so much

Météor and Astéroid a dit…

wow nice