The Guru is gone...

Je ne sais vraiment pas quoi dire, se réveiller et apprendre une bad news..
Guru le jazzman, Guru le poète... il restera pour moi le emcee qui m'a fait découvrir le vrai rap.

Again, GangStarr has done it
Remember too much jewels back in the days? You'd have to run it
Check it, the ground be hot under our feet
So we be listening to beats to keep the cypher complete
Wether you kids be holdin, on the block all day
Or you be puffing lye, out in the back hallway
Or whether you being schooled, or in the library
Wherever you are Baby Pah, realize that your essence
is divine son, and let it shine son
As we refine son, aiyyo, this shit'll blow your mind son
We're royalty

2 commentaires:

KidNice a dit…

Sad, sad day for Hip-Hip!

Unknown a dit…

RIP 43ans il était encore jeune!!!